Polished Concrete Flooring for Kansas City Car Dealerships

With an abundance of car dealerships in the Kansas City area, it’s important to understand why polished concrete flooring is a good option.  What is the most important asset you have in your business?  The automobiles you sell, naturally.  Polished concrete floors will impress your patrons, not actually because of the floors themselves, but because of the way the glossiness highlights the design of the vehicles you have to offer .  While this isn’t the only floor application that offers a rich, glossy appearance, it is absolutely the most durable!

Concrete floors are nearly indestructible and designed to last, but they don’t really look like anything special unless you make the surface more attractive.  Considering the fact that you have to drive the cars onto the showroom floor, plain concrete won’t look like much after a short time.  You can paint concrete, but within a week or so the wear and tear will result in peeling paint.

For Kansas City car dealerships, polished concrete flooring is simply the best option, because it will hold up to the wear and tear beautifully – and although it may look as though it would be slippery when wet, it isn’t.  This is a practical, cost-effective option for dealers who want a professional looking and even elegant showroom floor that makes the perfect “back drop” to those beautiful cars!

The polish is simple to maintain, and requires only ordinary cleaning; in addition, you will find that polished concrete floors are so durable, all of the abuse you can put them through won’t affect their beauty and glossy appearance.  For the cost, you will be amazed at the lasting beauty, the distinctive appearance, and how well these floors hold up year after year.

The benefits of a polished concrete floor are obvious.  You want your dealership to look polished and professional, but most of all you want your customers to notice what matters most:  the dazzling cars, trucks, and other vehicles you have to offer!  Set the perfect “stage” with glossy, rich floors that reflect the beauty of the cars you have to offer.

At Unique Epoxy Designs, we are the Kansas City polished concrete flooring contractors who are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to achieving amazing, durable results.  Contact us today for your polished and acid stained concrete needs!