Topeka Epoxy Flooring – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You!

Searching for ‘epoxy flooring Topeka’? We provide residential and commercial epoxy flooring installations to business and homeowners in Topeka KS!

Laminate, tile, wood, linoleum, vinyl: there are all types of flooring, and to be honest, many are beautiful.  The question is, what types of flooring hold up well in commercial or industrial environments?  Heavy traffic, a harsh environment, industrial equipment and tools; all of these factors should influence the type of floor you choose.  If you’re a Topeka business owner who isn’t familiar with commercial epoxy flooring, you will be interested to learn about the advantages of this type of floor, and even more important, the problems you could face with more traditional choices.

As professionals in Topeka commercial epoxy flooring installation, we want you to be aware of the potential problems with other types of floors commonly used by businesses:

Vinyl – Hospitals and business offices often choose cushioned vinyl, it may not be the best choice.  Vinyl is easily damaged by furniture, which can cause dents or even tears.  Cleaning them isn’t so easy, either, as certain products may mar the finish or leave a film.  Nursing homes or hospitals could find themselves facing a lawsuit if someone slips, as some types of vinyl can be quite slippery.

Laminate – While there is no doubt laminate floors are beautiful, in a commercial setting they may not be the ideal choice.  Cleaning must be done using special methods, as water or even a beverage spilled on the floor which is not wiped up immediately can cause damage.  When anything liquid seeps between the seams, the result is edges that are warped, somewhat similar to wet cardboard.  Not pretty!

Ceramic tile – While it’s durable, ceramic tile is extremely heavy when used on floors other than ground level, and can be difficult to clean, particularly in areas that are grouted.  They may also crack if not installed properly, or after years of wear.

Linoleum has its drawbacks too, particularly when used in an area where moisture may be a problem such as a bathroom.  Linoleum must be protected from dampness or moisture in subflooring, so it’s not a good flooring choice for concrete subfloors or basements.

Ultimately, Topeka epoxy flooring is a great choice for a variety of industries including factories, food service kitchens, hospitals, shopping malls, or any environment where chemicals or tools/equipment are used that could cause damage, or where foot traffic is generally heavy.  Garage epoxy flooring offers countless advantages including a safe, non-slip surface, hardness (meaning less give, and thus less potential to dent), impact resistance, wear resistance, moisture penetration resistance, and unique design options that blend effortlessly with your decor.

At Unique Epoxy Designs, we specialize in Topeka commercial epoxy flooring application and are also highly skilled in residential epoxy flooring solutions for garages and basements.  If you’re looking for quality, distinctive metallic epoxy flooring in Topeka KS at an unbeatable price, give us a call today!