Before Hiring a Kansas City Epoxy Flooring Contractor, Ask These Questions

If you’re considering having epoxy flooring installed in your basement, garage, kitchen, or another room in your home, it’s a good idea to as your Kansas City epoxy flooring contractor a few questions before you make a commitment.  Most people consider price more than anything else, which is an important factor.  However, how much money will you save by going the cheapest route possible, if you have to hire a professional to come in behind the contractor to correct mistakes?

An epoxy floor will hold up beautifully for years if installed by an expert, giving you enjoyment and standing up to heavy traffic and normal wear and tear.  You’ll love the high-gloss shine and durability; this decorative type of floor is becoming more and more popular every day with homeowners and businesses alike.

Before you hire a Kansas City residential epoxy flooring contractor, ask the following questions:

How long have you been in business?  You may want to think twice before hiring a contractor who’s only been in business for a few months or a year.  The longer the contractor has performed this type of flooring installation, the more experience and skill he has under his belt.  Check to see if the company has a website including a gallery or portfolio of previous projects.  It’s also not a bad idea to find out how much experience the contractor’s staff has as well, since it’s likely there will be more than one person performing the work.

Are you trained and/or certified to install concrete coatings?  It will help you determine if you want to hire the contractor by learning if he is self-trained, or has completed training and is certified.

Do you farm out your business to subcontractors, or have your own crew do the work?  This is a fairly common question, and one Kansas City epoxy flooring contractors are used to hearing.  If the contractor hires local crews to do the job, you will probably pay more – because essentially, there is a middle-man.  In addition, when your business is given away to a subcontractor, you have  no way of knowing the quality of the crew’s work, or their experience level.

Do you have past clients I can contact for a reference?  Nothing speaks more highly of a contractor’s skill and ability than glowing recommendations from past customers.  Ask your contractor for two or three references, then contact them to find out their thoughts about the work, and whether they would recommend the company.

How are concrete floors prepared prior to installation, and how are repairs made to existing damage in the concrete before application?  How long will the coating last, and which brand of coating products do you use in the installation?  These are questions your contractor should be able to answer easily, and honestly.  An experienced Kansas City decorative concrete patio contractor will have no problem answering your questions, and clearly explaining the process.

There are literally dozens of questions you could ask the owner of the company you’re considering to install your flooring, but these are some of the most important.

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