Epoxy Flooring

Searching for epoxy garage flooring? We install industrial strength epoxy floors in your garage or basement.


Epoxy Flooring

We are the leading commercial epoxy flooring contractor. We install custom epoxy floors for retail shops, restaurants, dealerships and more.


Epoxy Flooring

We install industrial epoxy flooring for virtually any type of facility including factories, aviation hangars, warehouses and laboratories.


Epoxy Flooring

We regularly install epoxy flooring systems for city and state government facilities, US military, universities, local schools and correctional facilities.

Unique Epoxy Flooring

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Industrial Epoxy Coating Spec Highlights


Flexural Strength (PSI)

This is relates to an epoxy floor coating’s ability to resist deformation under load.


Tensile Strenth (PSI)

This is relates to an epoxy floor coating’s ability to resist deformation under load.


Adhesion (PSI)

Adhesion strength refers to and epoxy floor coating’s ability to bond to the concrete surface to which it is installed.


Max Thickness (Mils)

Per manufacturer recommendations, industrial epoxy floor coatings are spread with a wet thickness of 6.0 mils 30 mils.

Epoxy Coating Systems

High Tech Materials

We use the best and most advanced epoxy coating systems available in the industry. Whether its your commercial floor or home basement, we use the best epoxy coating materials.

Flooring Repair & Prep

Surface Preparation In Key

No matter how good the coating materials are, if your floor is not prepared properly, the bond will not lock to the concrete surface. Many epoxy flooring systems fail from unprofessional surface prep.

Professional Epoxy Installation

Multi-Layer Application

We use a multi-layer epoxy installation system that results in an exceptionally strong, industrial strength floor that is as beautiful and it is strong.

Some of Our Clients

We at Unique Epoxy Designs are proud to work with some of the finest companies, homeowners and institutions in here in the metro area, throughout the Midwest and around the country. This is a small sample of some or the companies and organizations that have trusted us for epoxy flooring installation:

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