Epoxy Flooring

Searching for epoxy garage flooring Kansas City contractors? We install industrial strength epoxy floors in your garage or basement.


Epoxy Flooring

We are Kansas City’s leading commercial epoxy flooring contractor. We install custom epoxy floors for retail shops, restaurants, dealerships and more.


Epoxy Flooring

We install industrial epoxy flooring for virtually any type of facility including factories, aviation hangars, warehouses and laboratories.


Epoxy Flooring

We regularly install epoxy flooring systems for city and state government facilities, US military, universities, local schools and correctional facilities.

Kansas City Epoxy Flooring

For Over 30 Years

  • Advanced Epoxy Resin Coating Systems
  • Specialty Epoxy Floors
  • Acid Stained Concrete
  • Designer Epoxy Flooring
  • Polished Concrete Flooring
  • Industrial Strength Epoxy
  • Garage Epoxy & Basement Floors

Unique Epoxy Designs - It's Not About Us

Unique Epoxy Designs is a Kansas City epoxy flooring contractor and acid stained concrete installation company. We have been installing commercial flooring coating systems for over 30 years. Our experience ranges from residential to industrial and commercial flooring such as aviation hangers, public schools and gymnasiums, correctional facilities, hospitals, military facilities, factories and government buildings such as The US Treasury Department.  We can complete any type of epoxy flooring project, including large scale flooring projects that most epoxy flooring contractors will not or cannot undertake.  We also specialize in repairing botched epoxy flooring system that have failed due to improper surface preparation or installation.

While we are unique team of high-tech flooring professionals, we are especially proud and appreciative of our residential     work. We can bring aviation hanger epoxy flooring technology, and luxury stained concrete floors into finished basement – at an affordable price when comparing to carpet, tile or hardwood floors.

Kansas City concrete staining (such as acid staining) and epoxy coated floors (such as epoxy garage flooring) typically required a multi-step process. Not all epoxy flooring project are the same – but for a typical epoxy flooring installation, we will prep your prep your floor on the first day. After taking special care to tape off and protect relevant areas of your project space, we use grinding machines to clean and sand the surface. This can include a large grinder, and small grinder and even a hand grinder for tough to reach edges & corners.

On the second day, we apply a thick coat of commercial grade waterproofing sealer. This is followed by covering any cracks with a filler to ensure a smooth surface. Within 24hrs, we the apply the colored epoxy basecoat, and immediately after applying vinyl flakes with the epoxy is still in liquid form.

Sometimes we spread a sand-like anti slip material depending on the customer. On the final day, we apply a commercial grade clear coat which serves to lock down the decorative chip, strength the system, and give your new epoxy floor the kind of finish usually seen in high-end industrial or commercial buildings.

In many cases, we also include customer logo or artwork embedded in the floor, such as logos and even unique floor patterns or custom artwork.

There is nothing more rewarding than pulling into a showroom quality garage every night.  Our stunning epoxy flooring garage systems will make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.  We can customize the base epoxy flooring systems colors as well as the vinyl chip flakes – in fact, there are a variety of custom colors and flake materials.  We’ve even uses real copper, sterling and black onyx flakes for designer epoxy floors.

Epoxy is also a great choice for basements.  A bright and shiny epoxy floor coating systems will brighten any basement and will entirely change the look and feel of a tired and dingy basement.  Epoxy is a great coating for uni fished or semi-finished basement areas and is also a great coating for basement rec areas.  We also have metallic epoxy flooring systems that have a comparable high-end look and feel to acid stained concrete floors.

Acid stained concrete floors have been popular for several years.  When applied correctly, stained concrete is beautiful and always 100% unique – in fact its imposable to ever have two floors exactly the same, just like a fingerprint.

We install acid concrete floors in Kansas City, the Midwest and around the country.  This style of floor is common in cafes, coffee shops, grocery stores, showrooms and retails stores.  Acid concrete stained floors are also

After 30 years of installing epoxy floors and epoxy coating systems for virtually every type of customer, we have developed a special skill for installing large scale epoxy floors and specialty epoxy floors that most epoxy flooring contractors cannot do.  In fact, many epoxy flooring contractors in Kansas City and around the country call on us to complete large scale jobs.

We welcome inquiries from builders and other flooring contractors, as well as other epoxy flooring contractors that many not have the experience or resources in house to complete large flooring jobs or epoxy flooring jobg with highly specialized specifications.  Please contact us today.  We will travel to any of the continental United States for commercial flooring jobs over 10,000 square feet.

Industrial Epoxy Coating Spec Highlights


Flexural Strength (PSI)

This is relates to an epoxy floor coating’s ability to resist deformation under load.


Tensile Strenth (PSI)

This is relates to an epoxy floor coating’s ability to resist deformation under load.


Adhesion (PSI)

Adhesion strength refers to and epoxy floor coating’s ability to bond to the concrete surface to which it is installed.


Max Thickness (Mils)

Per manufacturer recommendations, industrial epoxy floor coatings are spread with a wet thickness of 6.0 mils 30 mils.

Epoxy Coating Systems

High Tech Materials

We use the best and most advanced epoxy coating systems available in the industry. Whether its your commercial floor or home basement, we use the best epoxy coating materials.

Flooring Repair & Prep

Surface Preparation In Key

No matter how good the coating materials are, if your floor is not prepared properly, the bond will not lock to the concrete surface. Many epoxy flooring systems fail from unprofessional surface prep.

Professional Epoxy Installation

Multi-Layer Application

We use a multi-layer epoxy installation system that results in an exceptionally strong, industrial strength floor that is as beautiful and it is strong.

Some of Our Clients

We at Unique Epoxy Designs are proud to work with some of the finest companies, homeowners and institutions in herein Kansas City, throughout the Midwest and around the country. This is a small sample of some or the companies and organizations that have trusted us for epoxy flooring installation:

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