Kansas City Residential Acid Stained Floors Outshine All the Rest

Vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile, wood floors – all of these “traditional” flooring options are beautiful, but when it comes to your home, nothing outshines the beauty and durability of acid stained concrete flooring. You’re probably thinking, “but concrete seems so cold.” On its own, concrete does look cold and really non-descript; however, acid staining completely changes the look, bringing warmth and distinction to your foyer, basement, kitchen, even your living room.

In any Kansas City home, the flooring is a hugely important element of the overall decor scheme. When you think about it, your floors are the foundation of the room, one of the largest areas which reflect your style preferences and even your personality. Sure, concrete truly is the foundation of many homes in a building sense, but it can be dressed up in a way that brings unimaginable beauty inside your home.

When performed by a professional, acid stained concrete gives your floors dimension, color, character, even an “old-world” look if that is a look you like. In essence, the topmost layer of concrete can be etched and then infused with color, making your floors one-of-a-kind. Literally no one else in the world will have floors that look exactly like yours!

It used to be that homeowners would have unfinished basements, game rooms, or perhaps a garage floor acid stained. Today, many homeowners are choosing to do the entire first floor, because the look is rich, luminous, and elegant. Whether you’re after a look that’s Southwestern, Tuscan, Old World or even urban loft, the almost leather-like appearance is gorgeous. In fact, the imperfections often found in concrete only add to the natural “distressed” look so many homeowners love.

Other than their distinctive beauty, why should you choose acid stained concrete flooring for your Kansas City home? There are many advantages, including:

Easy maintenance. Compared to carpeting, which requires regular vacuuming and frequent steam cleaning, acid stained flooring is easy to care for. Just wax your floors occasionally, and mop to clean.

Durability. Can you think of any flooring material more durable than concrete? It won’t burn, crack or chip when you drop something, or melt in a spot should something extremely hot be dropped on it.

Fewer allergens. Concrete floors are actually hygienic, ideal for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems. Unlike carpeting, concrete won’t trap dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, mites and other unpleasant allergens.

Sealing means no staining. Acid stained concrete floors are sealed, so unlike ceramic tile and some types of stone which are porous and may absorb liquids (meaning stains), concrete will not stain. Simply wipe up the spill, and you’re done.

Environmentally friendly. Many synthetic flooring materials (such as carpeting) emit VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Concrete does not emit these VOCs, and will save on replacement of flooring materials every few years because it lasts almost indefinitely.

Acid stained flooring used in residential applications actually are very cost-effective, as well. While the cost may be a bit higher initially, the ease of maintenance and durability mean reduced cost on floor maintenance products, and you’ll likely never need to have your floor replaced!

If you’re ready for a truly original, warm, and distinctively beautiful floor in your home, consider acid stained concrete. At Unique Epoxy Designs, our Kansas City stained concrete experts have been providing satisfied customers with unique flooring solutions for more than 20 years.