Searching for commercial stained concrete contractors? For more than 20 years Unique Epoxy Designs has delivered exceptional results in commercial stained concrete to companies in a wide array of industries at an affordable price.  While we specialize in Kansas City commercial concrete staining, we will gladly travel to any location in the U.S. for jobs involving 5,000 square feet or more.

There are basically two types of concrete stains:  reactive and non-reactive.  While both offer stunningly beautiful results, reactive stains react with the lime content of the concrete, and are water-based acidic solutions which contain metallic salts  Non-reactive stains impart color without any chemical reaction with the concrete, and are water-based.  In recent years non-reactive concrete stains have become highly popular largely due to the fact that they are easier to apply, and offer a vast palette of color choices.

Why are acid stained concrete floors becoming so popular even for commercial use?  The look is deep, rich, and translucent, unlike what is typically found with solid color coatings or paint, which usually produce an opaque effect.  While commercial stained concrete definitely adds color, it adds more than that.  In a word, your floors will have character.  Keep in mind that because every piece of concrete is different in terms of texture, porosity and environmental factors, no two surfaces will look exactly the same when finished.  This distinctive or “antique” look, what some call a mottled appearance, is precisely what sets these stunning floors apart from the rest.

Over the years we have enjoyed tremendous success with commercial concrete staining in a variety of industries.  Some of our past clients include military facilities, hospitals, factories, schools, warehouses, retail stores, government offices and even aviation/airplane hangers.  We are the experts when it comes to customizing the results to our clients’ needs, and are dedicated to superior workmanship and satisfied customers.

If you are considering epoxy flooring or commercial stained concrete for your business, count on the Kansas City commercial flooring professionals at Unique Epoxy Designs.

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Our years of experience and skill allow us to deliver results beyond your expectations.  While the results we achieve for our customers are upscale, you will find our prices within any budget.  Contact us today at 816-500-1161.